All Season Skid Control

With few exceptions, most sequels never seem to quite live up to the original that spawned them.  You may enjoy them for what they are, but it’s just never the same as the first time.  Then there are the follow-ups you can unequivocally ask, “Was that really necessary?”  Case in point, take “Polar Vortex 2;” […]

Driving in Flood Conditions

Growing up in the northern mid-west, you’re used to a variety of adverse weather conditions; blizzards, hail, tornados – I’ve seen it torrentially rain on one side of town and bright, clear and sunny on the other side of town just a few miles away.  One phenomenon not greatly accustomed in the area I grew […]

Driving Tips to be Thankful For

So with another Thanksgiving and the subsequent spree of store bargains in the books, let’s take a look at some things to be thankful for this year. Turn      signals.  This, like many things, is      something to be grateful for year round.       Everyone should be thankful when other drivers are apt to      […]

SimuRide Driving Simulations

            In previous blogs we’ve mentioned the line of 3-dimensional PC driving simulators available through our very own Aplusb Software, called SimuRide.  With our this installment we’re going to delve more into the different versions of SimuRide Aplusb offers and how specifically they can aid you with your driver education. For commercial driving instructors, Aplusb […]

Teachers Lounge Driver Education Discussion Forum Now Open

Aplusb Software prides itself on the pursuit of highlighting the importance of strong driver education and helping to advance that edification through a variety of tools, including their own written test review programs Road Rules and CDL Manual and the PC driving simulator, SimuRide, available for both Professional and Home use.  That is why […]

“Art”: Single Monitor Simulator “Drawing”

A little blurb about what’s going on at work today.  Here is some simulator artwork, because we are such fans. And by artwork, I mean a cartoon of myself. This particular image was born from trying to figure out what kind of feel we wanted for the cover artwork. I think this sort of gives […]