Know your transmission fluid

In Check Your 710 we talked about checking the different fluids in your car, and making sure these fluids are at the right level; adding new fluid, whether it be oil, wiper wash or engine coolant if needed.  What some might not realize, including until recently yours truly, is that there are different types of […]

DUI Simulator

It’s typical enough; you’re out on the town with your friends after a long work week, having a good time, hitting the local bars for a few drinks, maybe sing some karaoke.  Your friends ask you if you want a ride home, because they think you’ve had one too many – after all, you were […]

Follow the Yellow Striped Road

When you drive any version of our driving simulators, both Pro and Home Editions of SimuRide, the driving simulation will grade you on your performance for obeying the different traffic laws.  This includes making a full stop at the appropriate spot at stop signs.  If you fail to stop at the right place, a warning […]

Tips for Parents of New Drivers

A new school year is upon us, and with it, a slew of new student drivers are taking to the roads.  They grow up so fast, don’t they?  It seems like just yesterday you were buckling them into their car seat, and now they’re asking you for the keys to the car; so they can […]

Moped Users Are Drivers Too

The sun is shinning, and as we put away our heavy winter jackets, many people are taking things out of storage that they use during the warmer months; cleaning the grill, opening and prepping the pool and getting set to ride some variation of a two wheel mode of transportation; which might be a bicycle, […]

Check your 710

Have you looked under the 710 cap in your car lately? If you haven’t, you should; it’s vital to your car, and if the 710 is too low, you could damage your car. You may be asking, “What is 710? Why can’t I find it on my car?” If you can’t find it, it may […]

All Season Skid Control

With few exceptions, most sequels never seem to quite live up to the original that spawned them.  You may enjoy them for what they are, but it’s just never the same as the first time.  Then there are the follow-ups you can unequivocally ask, “Was that really necessary?”  Case in point, take “Polar Vortex 2;” […]

Driving in Flood Conditions

Growing up in the northern mid-west, you’re used to a variety of adverse weather conditions; blizzards, hail, tornados – I’ve seen it torrentially rain on one side of town and bright, clear and sunny on the other side of town just a few miles away.  One phenomenon not greatly accustomed in the area I grew […]

Driving Tips to be Thankful For

So with another Thanksgiving and the subsequent spree of store bargains in the books, let’s take a look at some things to be thankful for this year. Turn      signals.  This, like many things, is      something to be grateful for year round.       Everyone should be thankful when other drivers are apt to      […]