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General Questions

Q: Does your software run on all Windows Operating Systems?
A: Yes, all programs we sell are compatible with Windows 10,8, 7,  (32 & 64 bit) and all its predecessors.

Q: Can I run SimuRide on a Mac computer?
A: Yes. Mac users can run SimuRide by using a Windows emulator. A Windows emulator is an installed software program that allows computers using the Mac Operating System to run Windows-based programs.

Q: Can I run SimuRide programs without the Internet?
A: Yes, all programs run without the Internet connection.

Q: Where do I find my computer’s hardware information (RAM, Processor, Graphics Card) to make sure they meet with the program’s minimum requirements?
A: Your Operating System, RAM, and Processor can be found when you right-click ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties’. Your Graphics Card can be found by going to your Start Menu and clicking ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Hardware and Sound’ > and then ‘Device Manager’. In Device Manager, expand the list item ‘Display Adapters’ and take note of the model. Find the minimum requirements for your preferred software version at the bottom of each product page.

Q: How do I know if my Graphics Card is up to date?
A: Generally speaking, a computer with more than a basic word-processing graphics card should suffice. Different manufacturers label their models on different scales, but you can compare your models online. You can compare graphics cards here by searching the list for your model and clicking on it. Find the minimum requirements for your preferred software version at the bottom of each product page. Other online resources or local computer experts may be able to help you as well.

Q: I have a steering wheel already. Will it work with SimuRide?
A: SimuRide PRO and SimuRide Trial require the Logitech G29 steering Set. Any other set (with a USB connector) should work with the KeyDef driver, but it may result in only automatic transmission working and the force feedback disabled. SimuRide Home and Commercial Editions work with any PC steering set. Check to see if your wheel set is compatible with PC.

Q: Can I install and use the SimuRide simultaneously on two computers?
A: Yes, but to be able to do this, you would need to purchase 2 copies of the software.

Q: Can I install the SimuRide on a network server?
A: No, the software has to be installed directly on the computer that will be used for the simulation.

Q: How can I pay for the item I want? Can I order over the phone?
A: To make a purchase, browse the online shop for your items. Be sure to click the Canadian residents’ link if you live in Canada for the right currency. Make a purchase by adding your items to your online cart and proceeding to the secure PayPal checkout. You will not need a PayPal account, you can use your credit card. You may also pay be check, sent with an order form. Currently, all orders are processed online, by mail or phone.

SimuRide Home Edition (Pre-Purchase)

Q: How many hours should I practice on the SimuRide before I sit behind a real car’s steering wheel?
A: Most people need about seven to 10 hours of simulator practice, but others require more or less time before being ready for the road. Practicing on the SimuRide in between car drives is a significant way to build your skills and gain more confidence without using fuel.

Q: Is there any highway driving offered?
A: Yes, you can practice driving on a highway.

Q: How many different scenarios are included?
A: You will get many scenarios, including: driving inside and outside a city with intersections controlled by traffic lights and Stop/Yield signs, driving on freeways, valleys and in tunnels, heavy fog and icy roads, road construction and unexpected falling boulders in mountains, parking in a shopping center and sharing the road with other vehicles.

Q: How many different vehicle options are offered?
A: You have the option of driving a passenger vehicle, or for licensed drivers there is a pickup truck with a boat trailer to practice turning and backing up maneuvers. Both vehicles are equipped with an automatic transmission.

Q: Does the SimuRide HE simulate the unpredictable behaviors of other drivers?
A: The SimuRide HE features a winding road with falling boulders that roll across the road quickly and at random. While other vehicles in the program follow the rules of the road, these boulders teach users to react to unexpected interferences; they will slow down, stop, accelerate or change lanes to avoid accidents.

Q: What steering wheel can be used with the SimuRide HE?
A: The SimuRide HE works with any steering wheel type (with 2 or 3 pedals) that works with the Windows. Some old types of steering wheels with the game port connector are not compatible with the recent Windows OSs; therefore, please check first if your computer recognizes the steering wheel.

Q: I have a Logitech G25 steering wheel; will it work with the SimuRide HE?
A: Yes, any type of Plug-and-Play steering wheel with a USB connector should work.

Q: Do I need a special computer to run SimuRide HE?
A: No, any laptop or desktop computer that satisfies the minimum hardware requirements (see specifications) will run the SimuRide HE.

Q: What happens if I have an accident?
A: A message will be displayed, the accident will be recorded in the Report as a mistake and you will be able to start practicing again from the same spot or from any other place offered.

Q: How many hours of simulator driving is equivalent to one hour of real car driving?
A: There is no such comparison; you will always need to practice in-car driving with an experienced driver. However, if you have practiced for seven hours on the SimuRide HE and you can drive without any error message, you have saved a lot of stress and at least the first five hours driving in the real car.

Q: Can I use the SimuRide Home Edition in my driving school?
A: No, the SimuRide Home Edition is designed to be used by individuals at home only.
The Professional SimuRide Edition is available to purchase.

SimuRide Professional Edition – PRO (Pre-Purchase)

Q: What is the difference between the SimuRide Home and Professional Edition?
A: The SimuRide HE is for small vehicles only with automatic transmission. It is made for a home use, for one monitor only and works with any plug & play PC steering wheel. The SimuRide Professional is for trucks, buses and small passenger vehicles with automatic and manual transmissions. Moreover, the user driving a semi-truck with a manual transmission has an option to select an unsynchronized manual transmission that requires double clutching and has to be used with a half clutch. SimuRide Professional can be used with one or three monitors and is intended for driving schools and truck driving schools. The user can select different terrains/scenarios/conditions to focus on. SimuRide Professional is a complex simulator software offering many options.

Q: Does the Simuride software work on XBox, Nintendo, or Playstation?
A: No. These consoles have different type of processors. To run Simuride, Windows with DirectX (minimum 9.0 version) is required. We will soon offer a version of Simuride that works with lower-end graphics cards, so please check back later.

Q: Can the final report be printed?
A: Yes. You can print the final report (its most important information & messages).

Q: What happens when you miss-shift or do not double clutch correctly?
A: The user will get a message and information will be recorded in the Report as a mistake. Mistakes like forgetting to press clutch twice, not accelerating during downshifting, pressing clutch pedal less than 20% or pressing clutch to the floor (except in first or reverse gear) are considered a mistake.

Q: Does the stick shift have a high/low range selector like a real semi truck has if it has a 10 speed transmission?
A: To keep our simulator affordable we use the popular and readily available Logitech G-29 steering wheel with the six-gear shifter. The idea is to put the student driver on the simulator for his/her first five to 10 hours, instead a real vehicle, to teach basic manual transmission operation using three pedals and H gear shifter. For semi-trucks there is an additional function that requires the student to use the double clutching technique, acceleration during downshifting and ‘half clutch,’ except in first gear and reverse. Using the simulator students can also learn and practice driving a long semi-truck in city traffic, taking wide turns and backing up to a dock. The software can be used with 10 or more gears; however, the customized gear shifter is required.

Q: How many different scenarios are included?
A: You will get 15 different scenarios that can combine with time-of-day and weather conditions to create even more options. Moreover, you can combine each of these options with 25 different vehicle types and settings.

Q: Would future upgrades be included in initial purchase price?
A: All future Simuride software updates and small upgrades will be included in the initial purchase price. However, the complex upgrades offering more features will be offered for small fee.

Q: Is any training available via telephone?
A: Yes. If you require additional help, we would be glad to help you.

Q: Do you recommend any particular seat?
A: The seat model depends on your classroom design, the type of school (truck/bus school or small passenger vehicles school) and your budget.

Q: What is your return policy & warranty?
A: To avoid unnecessary returns we introduced the SIMURIDE PE Trial-Edition. In the case of malfunctioning software, we offer technical support and replacement, if necessary. For hardware malfunction please contact the manufacturer.

Q: Is Spanish an option for the report results?
A: The SimuRide Professional is presently offered in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Turkish.

Q: I recently passed my driving test and am looking to learn how to drive a manual transmission. However, not many driving instructors in my area offer lessons.
I found a video of your product through YouTube.  After browsing your site, I noticed that lessons for a manual transmission are only available through the Simuride PE Edition. Will you be releasing a home edition with a manual transmission feature?
A: We are not planning to release a Home Edition with the manual transmission option, but instead, we offer a SimuRide Professional EditionTrial Version for individuals who want to learn and practice driving on manual transmissions.

Q: What do you mean when you say that the TRIAL version allows for ’50 trials’? Does this mean 50 times switching the program on? Or does it mean 50 times choosing a vehicle?
A: 50 trials means; 50 rides. Selecting a different vehicle or a different terrain is considered a new ride/trial. You can drive one vehicle on the same terrain for approximately 45 minutes. Then, you can select another vehicle and/or terrain to drive for another 45 minutes. This way you would have completed 2 trials, and have 48 left. As soon as you end the practice, it is considered one trial. The trial edition is ideal for customers who want to test our simulator before they spend $$$ for the full professional version, or for private users who will likely only need 50 trials.

Road Rules and CDL Manual (Pre-Purchase)

Q: Does your CD include tests similar to those offered in driver exam centers?
A: Yes. In addition to the study option the CD includes interactive tests, comparable to official tests where questions are randomly selected from a database that contains hundreds of questions.

Q: Does the Road Rules – US & Canada Driving Test replace a driver’s manual?
A: While a paper manual is not included with the Road Rules – US & Canada Driving Test, information that is typically covered in a driver’s education manual is covered in the CD. You might also want to check with your state’ or province’ authority for any specific driving rules.

Q: Are the contents of 2003 version still valid in year 2009?
A: 2003 version was only available on-line and the password to update it was emailed. All CDs from the end of 2004 contain the UPDATE option; however, it updates only the links to the websites of all 50 States and 13 Provinces/Territories’ official Departments and Ministries of Transportation, Maps, Weather, and Road Conditions. We systematically update our web sites, which will lead you to recent changes in road regulations in your State/Province. Even though most of the Road Rules are valid, we strongly suggest that you use the latest edition of our software.

Q: Does your application terminate after certain number of trials or a specific period of time?
A: No, it doesn’t terminate at all.

Q: Does your ROAD RULES program prepare me for a driving exam?
A: Yes, but indirectly; it includes information very helpful to pass a Road Exam.

Q: What is your shipping/handling costs for one CD?
A: Shipping for Road Rules and CDL Manual is free within the continental US and Canada.  Other software has different shipping costs, listed with each item in our online store.

Q: Do I have to purchase one ‘US & Canada Driving Test’ CD for California and another for Ontario?
A: No. One CD contains rules for all States and Provinces and they are listed for you to select State or Province you are interested in.

Q: When ordering, do I have to specify Spanish Language, if I want to practice ‘US & CANADA DRIVING TEST’ in Spanish?
A: No. Road Rules – US & CANADA DRIVING TEST CD is offered in 10 languages (English , French , Spanish , Polish, Russian , Arabic, Chinese (2 versions) , Japanese and German).

Q: Is your CDL Manual software valid for Nevada State?
A: Yes. The road and safety rules are almost identical in all States and Provinces. Truck/Bus drivers relocate across the whole of the North American Continent; therefore, the rules must be similar. Air brakes functionality, hazardous material handling, or pre trip inspection cannot be different. This software is good for all states & provinces.

Q: Does the Commercial Driver’s License Manual CD contain air brake and pre trip inspection?
A: Yes. The CD includes all endorsements: air brakes, passenger/buses, combination vehicle, doubles, triples, hazardous material, tank vehicle, and pre trip vehicle inspection. Different states and provinces list driver’s license dorsements differently (word, letters, or numbers), the main idea is the same.

Q: Do I have to go to Truck Driving School to be able to pass written exam?
A: No. In most cases, studying our CD is enough to successfully pass a test. However, we strongly recommend taking classes with an instructor, who will not only teach you the rules but also gives you additional information that is helpful for you on the road. Our software alone doesn’t make you an excellent trucker, it teaches you necessary rules and skills to pass required exams to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License.
Q: Is this Driver’s Educational product an interactive CD ROM?
A: Yes. Instead of reading a paragraphs, students simply read the material in a question and answer format . This way the user gets specific information related to subject matter tested on actual exams. This software works more like a Computer Based Test (CBT) and is easy to navigate.

Q: How would I know which mistakes I made on my test? Your software only gives the final result?
A: The software has been designed in two modes: STUDY and TEST. The test is designed exclusively for testing yourself on the knowledge of road rules. It is during the study mode that you can actually check the questions you made mistakes on. Hint for CDL users: There is a counter on the bottom left of the screen of the exam mode that increases should your answer be correct, or stays the same. Do not confuse this with the question counter at the upper right corner.

Q: Does the ROAD RULES CD have audio? Does it read the questions to the student if thay do not speak English?
A: There is some audio implemented in the current edition of this program, but it does not support the full audio elements. The 2007 version was designed help people with reading limitations offering simple questions & answers in the form of short sentences. The next version of this interactive CD will be launched in 2008 and will include an  audio feature where the questions & answers would be read for the user.

Q: I have been driving for a long time. Why should I study Road Rules – US & Canada Driving Test now?
A: This software works more like a driver improvement program, renewing your driving skills for today’s traffic. Even if you have a perfect driving record, it may be time to review your driving skills. With aging, changes occur in your memory and traffic laws may be modified. You can learn to adjust your skills to compensate for those changes.


Q: What is the return policy?
A: We accept returns of products that have not been opened and with seals intact; a return shipping and restocking fee will be charged. Therefore, please read the description of the product carefully to ensure you have ordered the right product.
All our products are extensively tested before we ship them to the user. We offer first level technical support by email. If further assistance is necessary, please provide your phone number and we will call you. Returns accepted if received within 14 days from the date the item was received. We do not accept returns for customized products.

Cancellation Policy

Q: What is the cancelation policy?
A: The contract is binding with the date the Invoice was requested or issued. To avoid suffering loss by us and/or our vendors, and to maintain our credibility in the market, we have to protect our business. Therefore, if goods were not yet sent or received by customer but agreement is in tact, we charge 15% for canceling the contract. Additionally, we charge 1% late fee for cancelation fee, for each day delay from the date listed on the cancelation acceptance notice.

If goods were shipped or received, please refer to the Return Policy above. All products requiring any customization or our vendor involvement are considered customized products.