AplusB Software Support

Pre-sales Questions

Please visit FAQ if you have some pre-sales question. It is most likely that you will find the answer there. You are also welcome to contact us directly:

  • Phone: 843-492-0091
  • Teléfono Español: 843-492-0624
  • info@aplusbsoftware.com

Direct software technical support

If you need software technical support please visit the technical support FAQ first.. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us directly at support@aplusbsoftware.com

Please email support for any technical assistance, so we can determine the potential cause of any issue you may be experiencing; and provide you with prompt and detailed support.

When contacting us the first time, please make sure to include information about your computer, including your version of Windows, RAM, processor speed, type of graphics card and which of software you are contacting us about.

While AplusB Software Corporation offers a two-year warranty and technical support on all software, third-party hardware manufacturer provides technical support and usually a one-year warranty for their products.

NOTE: When contacting AplusB Software Corporation, please include details regarding to the problem (what happened and when it occurred) and your computer’s hardware specifications (Operating System, RAM, Processor, and Graphics Card) to help us identify and solve the issue.

Please be aware that we provide the first level technical support by email only; any issue should be reported to support@aplusbsoftware.com

If the issue you are experiencing can’t be solved by email and require further assistance, please provide your phone number and our technicians will contact you within 24hrs.

Third party products support

If you are experiencing difficulties with third-party products (steering wheel, expansion graphics card, monitor, alcohol goggle, etc..), please contact the respective company’s customer support phone number, located on the box or on their official website. We are always willing to help, however our options with third party products are limited.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the seat or computer please contact AplusB Software Corporation and we will provide the respective manufacturer’s contact information.

If you are experiencing other difficulties not listed above, please contact us by email at support@aplusbsoftware.com.

Privacy Statement

AplusB Software Corporation is committed to protecting your privacy. We may use the information we collect to periodically notify you about new services or special offers we think will benefit you.

If you would rather not receive such information, please send an e-mail to unsubscribe@aplusbsoftware.com with “unsubscribe” as the subject line, and we will remove you from our list.

For return policy please consult the FAQ section.

We offer technical support for our products and offer damaged product replacement (replacement postage costs are the responsibility of the buyer).

Driving Schools using our SimuRide products: