Software Updates & New Products from Aplusb Software




Adjustable Mirrors and Aerial View (January 10)

– The user can adjust a position of all Mirrors as well as an Aerial View using a keyboard.


More Vehicles Offered (December 24)

– Straight Truck with 10 speed transmission

– Double Trailer Truck with 18 speed transmission

Motion SimuRide in 3 DOF (February 23)

– The Motion Platform has successfully been tested. SimuRide PE is now fully incorporated into D-Box Motion System.


Motion SimuRide in 3 DOF (March 23)
–  The Motion Platform has Successfully Been Tested. SimuRide PE is Now Fully Incorporated Into D-Box Motion System.

Scenario for Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) (March 01)
–  New Scenario “Police Academy” is Released.

New CDL Vehicles (Jan 12)
– We Have Implemented 10, 13 and 18 Speed Transmission Trucks to Practice “H” Shifting While Splitting Gears Between Low and High Range, as Well as Toggling Between the Low and High Setting for Each Gear.


Aplusb Simu-Shift-Knob 18 Gears Shifter Replacement Released (Dec 12)
– Knob to Replace a Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920 or Thrustmaster TH8A, TH8RS Gear Shifter Knob.
– Knob to Offer Any Number of Gears From 5 up to 18.

Coupling/Uncoupling Tractor Double Trailer (July 12)
– Tractor Double Trailer, practicing coupling and uncoupling using a Converter Dolly.
– Driver Fatigue Evaluation Tool.

Driving Combination Vehicles (March 17)
– Implemented drivers for the custom controls and a Logitech G29 steering wheel with a gear shifter.
– Additional vehicles attached: Straight Truck with a Trailer, Straight Truck with 2 Trailers, and Tractor with 2 Trailers, called a Combination, Double/Triple or RoadTrain.

Map Editor & Remote Control (February 10)
– Map Editor (Beta Version), to create new and edit existing scenarios.
– Remote Control, to command simulation from the remote located computer by the instructor.


SimuRide PE New RollOver Function (Sept 2015)
– Added Cargo Tank Truck Rollover Feature; special vehicle and scenario is created.
When a truck travels along a curved path, centrifugal force causes it to lean away from the direction of the curve. The result can be a “rollover” in which the truck overturns.
Tractor-trailers are particularly vulnerable because of the trailer’s high center of gravity and frequently unstable loads.
Over 78% of rollovers involve driver error; therefore, we came with the unique approach to reduce Tanker RollOvers, giving a driver the opportunity to practice to prevent such events.
With our SimuRide a driver will learn how to:
– Avoid sudden movements that may lead to rollovers,
– Control a load in turns and on straight roadways,
– Identify high risk areas on roads,
– Remains alert and attentive behind the wheel,
– Control speed and maintain proper speed.

SimuRide PE New Downloadable Edition (June 2015)
– Added Police and Fire Truck vehicles.
– Added Roundabout (circular intersection) scenario.
– Added Help function to main Menu.
– Updated some functionality to make the SimuRide PE more user friendly.
– For customers involved in scientific research and development technology using our simulator, the structure of Data send and received by UDP has been modified.
– Review/Print student report from the instructor computer connected in network with all simulator stations.

SimuRide PE New Downloadable Edition (Feb 2015)
We offer now 2 Packages, the Small and Full Setup. In both packages the software is the same; the difference is only with the hardware, installation and setup.

Driving Simulator Professional Edition Small Package includes a SimuRide software, steering wheel, 3 pedals and gear shifter, ROAD RULES & CDL Manual software.

Driving Simulator Professional Edition Full Setup has everything that you will need to start your Driving Simulator experience right away. Includes SimuRide software, computer, 3 monitors, keyboard, mouse, speakers, steering wheel, 3 pedals, gear shifter, battery backup & surge protector, simulator rig with adjustable seat and holders for hardware equipments, ROAD RULES & CDL Manual software. Windows 7 (64), SimuRide and all drivers are pre-installed as well as necessary setup completed.

New SimuRide Professional Edition is compatible with Windows 10 ( 32, 64 ) and its predecessors.
The software is modified and contains new functionality and features.
Some of them are:
– Can be used with one, two, three or four monitors/displays.
If used with 2 or 4 monitors, the 2nd or 4th one is located behind the driver seat.
A driver has to use real (not virtual) rear view mirrors to check on his back and for following traffic.
Reversing, the driver has to turn his head back like in a real vehicle.
– Weight of vehicles can be changed from empty, half full and full loaded.
Together with a vehicle weight increase, the physics of a vehicle changes as well.
For example a braking distance is longer, centrifugal force while turning and other forces are significant larger and are adjusted by our software accordingly.
– Pedestrian Crossings are implemented.
– Turkish languages is added.
– Record printing and saving with a student name available.
– Option to use with different and custom made controllers.
– Rough data available for advance research.
– Telemetry output for motion platforms in six degrees of freedom (6 DOF) provided.
– Traffic and number of vehicles increased.
– Graphics and display are modified.
– Some improvements for the Left Hand Traffic.
– Number of files and size of the program decreased.
– Additional audio effects.
– Wipers, fog lights and horn implemented.
– Errors messages/report increased and can be optional.
– Vehicle position selection after collision; vehicle doesn’t have to go to Start.
– DUI with a 4th Dynamic Level from 0.0‰ to 2.0‰.
– Automatic Resolution Setup with multiple monitors/TVs/WallProjectors.


SimuRide HE New Edition (March 2013)
The 2013 edition is now released (Blue Box).
To simplify the program installation, instead of 2 CDs we fit both programs (Road Rules & Simulator) on one CD.
Moreover, the steering wheel configuration starts automatically at the end of the SimuRide installation process, making the setup easier and faster.
We have also replaced the shape of the vehicle for modern one.

SimuRide PE Next Upgrade (February 2013)
We have implemented more vehicles (incl semi-truck) with a manual transmission for the left side of the road (RHD). We have also satisfied our Australian customers providing a vehicle’s speed not only in mph but also in km/h.


SimuRide PE More Upgrades (August 2012)
This edition offers users an option to drive on the left side of the road (RHD) using passenger vehicle with an automatic and manual transmission. Manual shifting is popular in UK, Australia, South Africa, Jamaica, India, Indonesia and other countries. Offering this feature we help beginner drivers to practice not only automatic, but also manual transmission vehicles, driving on the left side of the road.

SimuRide PE New Edition (June 2012)
The latest edition/upgrade is now available. It took us a long time to complete, but now it is also offered in Spanish, Portuguese and French.
We have implemented many new functions and setting options; improved vehicles’ motion and engines.
The variety of scenarios, vehicles and weather condition has increased.
Features such as 3 levels of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and Reaction Timing will definitely help in the process of driver evaluation.

Blind Driving Simulator for MythBusters (March 2012)
We have completed the Blind Driving Simulator for MythBusters exhibition, opened March 15, 2012 in Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL.
Our Blind Driving SimuRide is one of 12 exhibits of MythBusters exhibition, which is the first of a planned national tour that will include stops at several other U.S. cities for the next 5 years.
Are you wonder if a blind Al Pacino really could have navigated a car through the streets of New York in “Scent of a Woman” based on the directions given by a terrified Chris O’Donnell from the passenger seat?


The Driver Education Suite 2012 (December 2011)
The Road Rules & the SimuRide HE combined; the set of 2 CDs for the price of one (Green Box). Updated graphics and functionality.

The CDL Manual (December 2011)
The 4th edition of the interactive software for truck and bus drivers. The updated program has a new look.

Amazon (October 2011)
We are glad to announce that the one of the biggest retailers, the Amazon, had accepted our new 2012 SimuRide HE product for their distribution and have made an order.

The SimuRide Home Edition for RHD & LHD (January 2011)
The SimuRide HE to use in Right & Left Hand Traffic is launched. It includes option to drive in a snow/rain condition and to practice parallel parking.

CES (January 2011)
From January 6 to January 9 2011, AplusB Software will be exhibiting at the International Consumer Electronics Show at booth 5515 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Another free resource! Road Rules Test App here (November 2010)
Study and test yourself on road rules with the new Road Rules app for smartphones.
Several study and exam multiple choice tests.

Our Complimentary Screen Saver to download here (October 2010)
Watch and learn different Road Signs.

The SimuRide Home & Commercial Editions Updates (August 2010)
It gives user the option to connect more than one controller to the computer and install additional elements to practice the parallel parking.

Simuride PRO Upgrade (July 2010)
-New vehicle: School Bus with cross view mirrors
-New Vehicle Add On: Second Convex mirror added to Semi Truck
-New Feature: Coordination challenge (see how it feels to be impaired)
-New Functionality: Reaction time (see how fast you can brake when the unpredictable happens)

The SimuRide Commercial Edition (May 2010)
Driving Simulator for Driving Schools with passenger vehicles (automatic transmission) is released.

The SimuRide Home Edition (February 2010)
Finally, the driving simulator for every one.  The SimuRide HE to use at home with the PC is launched.

The Skid Control Platforms (February 2010)
The Skid Platforms for passenger vehicles are now available in our online store.  Platforms simulate the skid and are designed to practice the skid control.

The SimuRide Professional 2010 Edition (January 2010)
This edition includes all previous updates, upgrades and new functionalities and options.


The update to the latest SimuRide Professional upgrade is released (Dec 2009)
Vehicles’ speedometers in Miles/Kilometres per Hour and a convex mirror are included in this update.

The Reduced Class Hours Amendment is Approved (September 2009)

Aplusb Beginner Driver Education Curriculum with the Appendix 4, for the extended Home-work hours is approved by Ministry of Transportation Ontario.

Simuride Upgrade (September 2009)
Driving Simulator – Simuride New Upgrade with many additional features is released to the public.

BDE Curriculum Approved (July 2009)
Aplusb Beginner Driver Education Curriculum, implementing driver simulation is approved by Ministry of Transportation Ontario.


BDE Curriculum Completed (November 2008)
New Beginner Driver Education Curriculum, fully implementing driver simulation is successfully submitted to Ministry of Transportation Ontario. BDE Curriculum Standards come into effect on April 17, 2009.

Driving Lessons Go Virtual
See the CTV Video from Tech Now (Dated: September 14, 2008)

Skid Control (October 2008)
We are happy to inform that Skid Control feature is available with the SIMURIDE. It is a Free upgrade for automatic and manual transmission vehicles to expose candidates to the various types of skids and slides.

TRIAL Package (October 2008)
We offer $100 TRIAL Package for customers who prefer testing SIMURIDE first. $100 will be deducted from the full purchase price.

SIMURIDE – Driving Simulator, Manual/Automatic Transmission (September 2008)
We launched the SIMURIDE Professional Edition (one and three screens version).

Driver Education Monkey Drives Semi CDL (May 2008)
We have released our fourth movie. This is the first animation to advertise our CDL product.

Commercial Driver’s License CDL Manual (January 2008)
We updated existing second edition and expanded its database. Moreover, the new 2008 edition contains 2 more endorsements (School Bus & Fork Lift) and instructional part (Log Book & Border Crossing).


Road Rules – US & Canada Driving Test 10-languages (December 2007)
We completed 10-language version of our driver educational software. It is from now offered in English, Spanish, French, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Arabic, Russian, Polish, German and Japanese language.

Driver Education Britney & Tommy (December 2007)
We released our second movie (animation) to advertise our product

Driver Education for Simpson YouTube (November 2007)
We released our first movie (animation) to advertise our product


The Distribution Contract with Victory Multimedia Signed (December 2006)
We inform about signing the contract with the Victory Multimedia (California) for AplusB product distribution. Victory Multimedia is a part of Ingram Micro distribution, the World largest software and games distributor.

Second Edition of CDL Manual Released (September 2006)
Please be informed about finishing of works on the Commercial Driver’s License CDL Manual software, second edition, which is extended and updated. This software prepares North American Truck and Bus drivers for written CDL exams.

The Distribution Contract with Grupa IMAGE Ltd Signed (February 2006)
We inform about signing the contract with the Grupa Image (Warsaw, PL) for European distribution. Grupa Image is now AplusB Software Corporation ambassador for selling AplusB products in entire Europe.


Second Edition of US & Canada Driving Test Released (November 2005)
Please be informed about finishing of work on the US & Canada Driving Test software second edition, which is updated and expanded to 6 languages. This software prepares beginner drivers for written driver’s license exam in 50 states and 13 provinces/territories.

OSK-Manager for driving schools (October 2005)
Our company finished works on a specialised management system dedicated to driving schools – OSK Manager. Software enables complex management of training centre. The system was realised for order of the Grupa IMAGE Ltd., the greatest company providing equipment for driving schools in Poland.

The Distribution Contract with Jack of All Games Signed (June 2005)
We announce that we signed the contract with the Jack of All Games (Toronto, ON) for Canadian distribution. Jack of All Games is from now official AplusB Software Corporation distributor for entire Canada.


Multilingual version of US & Canada Driving Test released (December 2004)
AplusB Software is proud to release an updated, multilingual version of their US & Canada Driving Test software. With content available in English, French, and Spanish, this release brings AplusB’s US & Canada Driving Test to an entirely new set of consumers. Containing rules for all 50 states and 13 provinces/territories, anyone in North American can study using our software, and write their driving test with confidence.

Commercial Drivers License (CDL) package released (October 2004)
AplusB Software has just released their latest driver education software: Commercial Drivers License (CDL). This software package provides all the knowledge needed to successfully pass a variety of Commercial Drivers License tests. The software contains important information about safety checks, and testing procedures, and should allow individuals to take their CDL tests with confidence. With this package, a Commercial Drivers License is only a CD away.


The US & Canada Driving Test released (December 2003)
AplusB Software is proud to release a Beta version of their newest software, US & Canada Driving Test. This interactive software prepares new drivers to pass their written exam. With rules for all 50 states and 13 provinces/territories, anyone in North American can study using our software, and write their driving test with confidence.