About Us

AplusB Software Corporation founded in 2003 is an e-learning software development company that specializes in driver’s education. We are best known for the SimuRide series of driving simulation programs which are designed and packaged differently than other simulation development companies.

How SimuRide Simulation Experience is Different

  • SimuRide is a “free-roam” simulation; it is not limited to a strict lesson structure.
  • The SimuRide software is sold separately from the computer hardware and frame (optional) and is available in different versions (Professional for one or three monitors, Trial Edition and Home Edition).
  • The SimuRide is designed to function on your computer and monitors, purchasing a computer through us is not necessary

The Benefits of Using SimuRide Simulation

  • Boost time spent practicing without needing a driving permit, constant supervision, insurance, or fuel.
  • Become familiar with difficult maneuvers before attempting them on the street: parallel parking, merging, passing other vehicles, manual transmission and double clutching.
  • Overcome driving anxiety and condition good driving habits to draw focus away from driver’s hands and feet and onto events occurring outside the vehicle.
  • Instruct multiple students at any given time with multiple simulators in a classroom.

The Road Rules and CDL Manual software are complementary software and teaching tools included to prepare for written exam under several different vehicle classes and endorsements. Alcohol goggles make for an excellent demonstration for drunk driving. The goggles can also accompany the SimuRide and lessons in regards to distracted driving by texting & driving. Visit our products section and online store to view a full list of items available for your driver’s needs.

Other Simulation Software and Equipment Available through AplusB Software Corporation:

SimuRide Professional Edition with a Motion Platform

Our SimuRide software can be implemented into the motion platform; synchronized with a real vehicle body.

Telemetry – SimuRide Animation

SimuRide’s simulated output, presents a 6-DOF telemetry display.

Underground Mining Heavy Equipment Simulator

Our software is implemented in a heavy-equipment, operator cabin simulator; to practice and learn skills to work in underground mining.

Underground Mining Vehicle Land Rover Simulator

Land Rover – SimuRide was developed for underground mining. It satisfies underground traffic rules and safety required by international code.

Real Underground Driving – Land Rover in Copper Mine

Over 200 special Land Rover vehicles are used in same copper mines.  SimuRide helps in training underground drivers.

Skid Platform (set)

A special tool to teach Skid Control. (Front Wheel Drive Vehicles only)

Driving with Skid Platforms installed is not only attractive but also educational and can save a life.

Installing the Skid platforms is fast and simple process; similar to changing a tire. Moreover, it is the opportunity for students to learn and practice changing a tire on the road in the case of getting a flat. Not many driving schools prepare students for such situation.

Skid Platforms are custom made for individual vehicles. So, together with your order please provide the model and year of the vehicle you want to use with Skid Platforms. Special orders may affect delivery time .

Skid Control Driver Education Skid Control Simulation Skid Simulation

A Basic Guide to Skid Control

A basic skid can be defined as the loss of traction between a vehicle’s tires and the road surface due to certain forces acting on the vehicle. Most skids are caused by driver error, although only about 15% of accidents are the direct result of a vehicle skidding. Skids are usually the result of last minute action, by the driver, when faced with a crisis ahead rather than actually causing an accident. Skids can occur both dry, wet and icy conditions, however, the chances of losing control and having an accident increase by 50% on wet roads.

All of theses effects are enhanced by speed. Combining these effects with non recognition of adverse road and weather conditions will create problems for the driver.


The main causes of skidding are as follows:
a) harsh or sudden acceleration
b) excessive or sudden braking
c) jerky steering movements


The main types of skid that a driver could encounter on public highway fall into three categories:
the front wheel skid, rear wheel skid and four wheel skid.


Preventive Measures

As well as the recognition of adverse road and weather conditions as a means of preventing skids from occurring, there are a number of other defensive actions that the driver can take.

  • Accelerate gently as opposed to harshly and in a straight line wherever possible.
  • Treat all braking operations in the same manner as acceleration.
  • If conditions are adverse, delicate use of foot controls and gentle shallow movements of the steering wheel are called for.
  • Ensure the vehicle’s position, speed and gear are correct before negotiating the hazard.
  • Reduce speed in plenty of time before conditions show signs of deterioration.
  • Make sure the vehicle is maintained, especially that tire pressures is correct and the tires are in good condition. Also have the vehicle’s shock absorbes professionally checked. They are all that is holding you on the road!
  • If conditions look at all treacherous, allow extra travel time.

Skid Control Wheel Skid Control Wheel Skid Control Wheel Skid Control Wheel