DUI Simulator

It’s typical enough; you’re out on the town with your friends after a long work week, having a good time, hitting the local bars for a few drinks, maybe sing some karaoke.  Your friends ask you if you want a ride home, because they think you’ve had one too many – after all, you were just singing karaoke – but you decline; “I’m fine,” you insist.  With that, they head their way and you head yours.  You take it slow, you know your fine, but you still don’t want to waste time with a cop pulling you over; their time would be better spent stopping the people who are really driving drunk.  You linger a minute longer than you would have normally at the stop sign (“Is this thing ever going to turn green….? …. Oh, right….)

There’s no center line to tell if you’re swerving, but your hands are at ten and two, you’re driving just a hair under the speed limit, your eyes are wide and focused (if only you could say the same about that blurry road).  You check your mirrors, you check the road, you turn your head, (is that a cop?). Check your speed (are my lights on?)  Turn right on to Sycamore (almost home) There’s a blur moving towards you (is that a car?)  The blur moves closer (is it on the right side of the road?  Am I?) BOOM. (What was that?)

What was that?  What did you see?  Was it a deer?  Was it another car?  A person?  You saw it right in front of you; but the recognition was just slightly off, and slower still was your reaction to the presence.  Why?  You had one too many, sang a little Elvis, and decided to drive yourself home; ignoring the fact that you’re not entirely yourself and that your brain isn’t working at full capacity.  Even a little buzzed your train of thought, your vision and coordination exponentially begin to diminish, until you reach a point of impairment.

Whether you call a cab or a friend to drive you, even if it means leaving your car parked over night and getting a parking ticket by morning, the cost of a parking ticket or getting a ride from someone sober; is nothing compared to getting a DUI or worse, getting into an accident because you were drunk.  Aplusb Software offers a DUI simulation as part of our Professional Edition of the driving simulator SimuRide.  Experience the first hand difficulties and dangers of driving under the influence at different levels of intoxication; all while you’re still lucid and sober enough to remember the experience and appreciate the true dangers drunk driving poses.