Driving Tips to be Thankful For

So with another Thanksgiving and the subsequent spree of store bargains in the books, let’s take a look at some things to be thankful for this year.

  1. Turn      signals.  This, like many things, is      something to be grateful for year round.       Everyone should be thankful when other drivers are apt to      communicate to other cars and pedestrians what they’re doing.  Nothing’s worse, let alone dangerous,      than to be a driver entering or crossing traffic, thinking you’re clear,      because a car in another lane of traffic, about to turn into the path      you’re headed, didn’t communicate where they’re going.  So use your blinker, even when you’re      changing lanes; and make sure it’s turned off once you no longer need it,      so as not to confuse others.
  1. To the      same effect of communicating with other people on or alongside the road, l      think it’s safe to say we can all be thankful for break lights.  Break lights give us an advanced warning      when people in front of us are decelerating; a particular value when this      breaking is done suddenly, in the case of an emergency.  You might be able to see the vehicle get      closer to you in the daylight, and you may still have time to respond, but      the lights are an added warning you can more readily see; and are more      instrumental at night or during in-climate weather, when it’s harder to      see other cars around you.  So      before loading yourself and your loved ones in the family station wagon,      or whatever mode of transportation you plan to get you to grandma’s house      in this holiday season; check your vehicle’s lights, and make sure none of      them burned out.  This simple      measure might prevent an accident; or at the very least your Aunt Rose won’t      be telling the story of how you got stopped by a cop on your way to family      dinner, because your tail lights were out, for the next 10 years.
  1. Attentive      drivers.  There’s nothing quite like      hitting the malls or department stores to burn off all the turkey and      fixings we loaded up to date  – and      in the case of those of us with multiple family engagements, that’s a lot      of pumpkin pie and stuffing.  But as      we flit about from deal to deal, so are a lot of other people too.  Dashing through the parking lots and in      and out of stores; cutting cross the stalls or just walking across the      streets, people on foot and behind the wheel are going to be ubiquitous      during the holiday shopping season, and everyone needs to remain presently      aware of that fact, whether we’re behind that wheel, or crossing paths      someone else who is.  Whichever      person’s shoes you’re in, never take for granted that the other person may      not see you and give you the right of way, even if you’re supposed to have      it.  Watch for pedestrians in front      and behind you, whichever way you’re going.  Don’t talk on your cell phone as you      drive, or while you’re walking through a busy parking lot or cross walk.
  1. To      that end, let’s be thankful for basic human courtesy this holiday      season.  It almost seems trite to      say, but too often we forget the spirit of the time we’re supposed to be      celebrity – the human spirit, the community, the kindness and most      importantly, family.  Whatever the      means you took to get yourself to the post Thanksgiving “door busters,” and      any subsequent shopping you may still do for the holidays to come, don’t      forget that the people around you, on the roads and in the stores, have      friends and family too.  Whether      they’re there to buy something for themselves or for loved ones, their      reasons for being out and about shouldn’t literally collide forcefully      with your own.  That might mean the      great big shiny thing you wanted, that was being marked down for a once      and a life time deal, wont be available once you get to it, but      ultimately, that’s okay.  You’ll get      another thing – or maybe two, with the money you didn’t spend on the first      thing; and that can be just as good, if not better.

There are lots of things people can do this holiday season, to take advantage of the celebrations, whatever form it may come in; and do so safely.  Responsible, attentive driving skills are just one of the ways you can survive the holiday rush, without the shape of someone’s boots being imprinted along your backside.  Shopping locally and exploring the offers you can find online, particular for Cyber Monday, can relieve a lot of hustle and headaches.  Checkout what Aplusb Software has to offer for your student driver this holiday season here!

Drive Safe, and have a happy holiday season!