Drive the Distance

Some days you just wonder why you bother driving to work; here you are minding your business, driving the speed limit, and the driver behind you isn’t giving you any berth.  As far as they’re concerned, you’re driving too slowly and they want to you to know it.  Now, being the safe, responsible driver you, […]

Click It – Click It Good

Click it, or ticket. It’s a catchy if albeit unnerving phrase used by the National Highway Safety Administration, to encourage people to wear their safety belt. No one wants to get stopped, let alone get a ticket, just for not wearing a seatbelt. It seems like such a hassle sometimes, doesn’t it? You don’t plan […]

Driver Awareness

SimuRide Home features a particularly special exercise; rock slides! This isn’t so much because rock slides are common throughout the US or the world at large, but rather for drivers using our driving simulator to practice a critical driving skill – defensive driving. Throughout the driving course, the other cars on the road obey all […]

The Dreaded Roundabout

Roundabouts.  Many people seem to curse their existence, and at times lament them being installed in new communities that never had them before.  While often new ideas or the requirement of new skill sets can be daunting; often education and understanding can go a long way towards relieving some of the major concerns.  And as […]

“Art”: Single Monitor Simulator “Drawing”

A little blurb about what’s going on at work today.  Here is some simulator artwork, because we are such fans. And by artwork, I mean a cartoon of myself. This particular image was born from trying to figure out what kind of feel we wanted for the cover artwork. I think this sort of gives […]