Click It – Click It Good

Click it, or ticket. It’s a catchy if albeit unnerving phrase used by the National Highway Safety Administration, to encourage people to wear their safety belt. No one wants to get stopped, let alone get a ticket, just for not wearing a seatbelt. It seems like such a hassle sometimes, doesn’t it? You don’t plan to drive very far, or you need to make several quick stops, it becomes monotonous to have to keep pulling that strap over and around your chest. For myself, a rather large individual, it’s not always the easiest or most comfortable thing to put on; some simply won’t reach the clasp, and others seem to get tighter the longer you drive and make it more difficult to breath after a while.

Car Belt

Click it, or ticket

So why do we bother? Well for starters, the National Safety Council sites that drivers are 50% more likely to survive an otherwise fatal crash if you’re wearing a seat belt. You don’t need to be thrown clear through the windshield to get hurt in an automobile accident – though that’s not outside the realm of possibility; and you may not get thrown forward either, but to either side. A faulty latch on your door could result in you or a loved on falling from a moving car, even without an accident precipitating it. And in the event of a crash, an unbelted person could slam into any hard or firm surface, causing serious bodily damage, even resulting in death from the physical trauma.

Studies have found that thousands of death and injuries could potentially be avoided through the use of seat belts. When you drive any edition of our driving simulator SimuRide, one of the first things you’ll need to do before driving anywhere, is to “put on your seatbelt,” by choosing the assigned control button for that feature. This is to get drivers into that mindset that fastening their seat belt is one of the first things they need to do when they get in car; especially if they’re behind the wheel. Visit our online store to find other tools to help you be a protected driver.