“Art”: Single Monitor Simulator “Drawing”

A little blurb about what’s going on at work today. 

Here is some simulator artwork, because we are such fans. And by artwork, I mean a cartoon of myself. This particular image was born from trying to figure out what kind of feel we wanted for the cover artwork. I think this sort of gives it a comic book or textbook illustration (ie. clipart) feel.

Driving Simulator Parts

What we have now is an adult male driving on his computer down a road going towards a city (regular photo). I wanted to see more of the simulator (not just the monitor – see current cover in link above) and more of the wheel / pedal to help give people an immediate clue (besides the title ‘driving simulator’) as to what the product is.

That is the news flash for today. I’ve been playing around with different “looks”. Cover art and package design are more fun than real work.