Online Game: 2D Truck Simulator

While it doesn’t put you in the driver’s seat, as a simulator would, this 2 dimensional truck program, operated with keyboard arrows certainly simulates real truck-reversing frustration. For other simulation, check out the truck driving simulator used in beginner and commercial driving schools or the home driving simulator (but this one is just automatic car). In the […]

Suggested: Head Tracking Device

I’ve seen this at CES but failed to try it myself. It’s been suggested just a couple times to implement something like this with SimuRide. Below is a video of TrackIR explained using what looks to be a flight simulator. Have you used a head-tracking device with a game? How was it? Or, what do […]

Texting and Driving Attitude

Really interesting point @ around 1:20 in this video: texters spent 10% more time outside of their lane. When you drive, your hands tend to follow your focus. If you look down and away at your phone, your steering hand (there should be two!) is compelled to follow. Bans on cell phone use are one […]

How to make a driving simulator (image)

How to make a simulator: a helpful guide. A visual (made in paint, like a boss) to help see at a glance how each item is combined to make a simulator with SimuRide. It was difficult for browsers to see right away that everything was sold separately, and what pieces they needed. Each SimuRide is […]

Parallel parking like a moron

But wait! It’s using the Home Edition’s new parallel parking patch. Thankfully I am not actually in your neighborhood near your children. Please never parallel park like this. Please, also, never try and record yourself driving with your camera phone. I’m a danger in SimuLand (just made that up) to cars and curbs everywhere, and […]

SIM PRO: July Upgrades

In addition to the new 2010 SimuRide PRO version, an upgrade has recently (July) been released with three and a half exciting features + some standard improvements. Coordination Challenge A setting that can be applied to any map that shifts the view of the driver from left to right and gives resistance on the wheel, […]