SIM PRO: July Upgrades

In addition to the new 2010 SimuRide PRO version, an upgrade has recently (July) been released with three and a half exciting features + some standard improvements.

Coordination Challenge

A setting that can be applied to any map that shifts the view of the driver from left to right and gives resistance on the wheel, making it difficult for the driver to drive in a straight line. The Coordination Challenge demonstrates an effect of driving under the influence and the driver exhibits the same behaviour: slowing down in an attempt to better control the vehicle, swerving, and colliding. Coordination has four levels: Off, Light, Medium, and Heavy.

Reaction Time

NEW PRO: Reaction time result OK

A new map will have the driver start driving and periodically display “STOP!”. The driver must remove their foot from the gas and onto the brake, and Reaction Time will measure how long this action took and display it on the screen. It grades the timing in terms of Excellent, Good, Poor, and Critical.

School Bus

PRO: Bus door on the right-hand screen

A new vehicle has been added: the school bus with crossover mirrors.

Semi-Truck Mirror

An additional convex mirror has been added to the Semi-Truck for a total of two convex mirrors.