SimuRide Driving Simulations

Sim Driver            In previous blogs we’ve mentioned the line of 3-dimensional PC driving simulators available through our very own Aplusb Software, called SimuRide.  With our this installment we’re going to delve more into the different versions of SimuRide Aplusb offers and how specifically they can aid you with your driver education.

For commercial driving instructors, Aplusb Software offers an immersive driving experience, starting with the cornerstone software, SimuRide Professional Edition.  SimuRide PE offers a panoramic view of the virtual driving course, by displaying across 3 computer monitors, networked together with the TripleHead2Go Digital splitter box, also available through our online store.  The monitors and driving controls can be mounted to the specially designed Simulator Seat driving station, which provides a realistic driver’s seat and placement for all of your SimuRide Pro hardware, which includes pedals (with clutch), gear shift column, steering wheel, PC tower and mounting brackets for your three monitors.

Pro itself features a variety of automobile types, including automatic and manual transmission vehicles; sedans and trucks (with or without trailer) and even has options for commercial vehicles, including buses and semi’s (without or without double clutching); allowing individuals studying for their CDL to practice driving behind the wheel of commercial vehicles they may not yet be accustomed to.

Pro also has a wide range of settings and customizable features, like different weather patterns, including sunshine, night time, rain, fog and snow; with the choice to drive through cities, on highways or use an obstacle course to practice things like parallel parking or other difficult driving maneuvers.

The most spectacular feature our professional driving simulation offers is the Drunk Driving Simulation.  With this option users can experience the difficulty and dangers of driving at varying degrees of intoxication, with the distorted vision and slow reaction time reflected in the simulation.

SimuRide CoverSimuRide Home Edition offers many of the same features as the Professional Edition, but designed to work on most home PCs.  As such HE has a condensed display for working with a single computer monitor.  HE only features automatic transmission vehicles, but like Pro, the home simulation features a course reflecting real life conditions, including rain, fog and icy roads.  There’s also a designated area to practice parallel parking amongst other cars parked along the street.  You can also practice your defensive driving skills in a rock slide – the rocks fall and tumble across the street at random, just as any animal, pedestrian or other object might suddenly present itself in your path.

With all versions of SimuRide, drivers and instructors/parents, can review progress for each driving sessions; as the simulator monitors performance, reflected by how well the driver maintains appropriate speed and abides the other traffic laws, like buckling your seat belt or stopping at a stop sign.  These reports allow student drivers and those instructing them, to see their strengths along with their weaknesses; so they know exactly which of their skills needs work.  In this simulated driving environment, new drivers can be at ease while trying new skills – this includes otherwise experienced adult drivers trying something new, like driving with a trailer or on the opposite side of the street if traveling abroad; features which are also found in SimuRide.  If the driver gets in an accident, there’s no risk of injury or car to repair, and likewise there’s no need for insurance.  Best of all, the driving simulation requires no gas!

Whether you’re an experienced driver or new, SimuRide and Aplusb Software offers many tools to help you become the best driver possible.

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