Teachers Lounge Driver Education Discussion Forum Now Open

Aplusb Software prides itself on the pursuit of highlighting the importance of strong driver education and helping to advance that edification through a variety of tools, including their own written test review programs Road Rules and CDL Manual and the PC driving simulator, SimuRide, available for both Professional and Home use.  That is why SimuRide.com and Aplusb Software are pleased to unveil their latest sponsored utility in driver education:

The Teacher’s Lounge is a dedicated discussion forum for those in the world of driver education to communicate and network; from commercial driving instructors to parents and students learning how to drive.  Share driving tips, anecdotes and learn about the latest tools to help educate students to become the best drivers possible.

Parents who have teenagers about to learn to drive can seek input from driving professionals and other parents about the important types of skills their children should learn, and find out what they themselves can work with them on in their personal practice driving sessions.

Adults looking to achieve a commercial driver’s license can take the opportunity to discover the best way to study for the exam, getting first hand recommendations for the best to place to get instruction; and then review what they’ve learned about commercial driving, using Aplusb Software’s CDL Manual.  Even experienced drivers not seeking advancement in their licensed driving ability can use the forum to learn facts about driving, or tips that can help them improve their everyday driving skills or prepare them for cross country trips; or driving in another country.

Instructors and other driver education professionals can have a farther reaching impact, spreading their knowledge and expertise to a broader range of individuals in need of their specific insight; whether it be driving techniques, recommending quality driving schools for a particular area or helping parents get an idea just where they should start with their children when beginning to teach them how to drive.  Instructors can also touch base with other professionals in their field, answering each other’s questions, offering opinions and generating an open dialogue amongst the whole driver education community!

The forum is simple to use; everyone is able to see the content of the forum at any time, even if you’re not logged in, but contributions are only made by registered users; and the board is strongly monitored to ensure civil and appropriate discussions among its users.  Registration is quick and simple and only needs to be done once.  Once you’re signed up, you can begin posting to existing topics or feel free to start your own; you can receive email notices when new posts have been added to a thread you’ve participated in, and if there’s a topic you want to stay updated on, but have nothing you wish to contribute to that particular discussion, you can subscribe to any thread you and be notified when a new response is added.

Driver instruction is one of the most critical forms of education in most developed nations.  The safety of not just those behind the wheel, but everyone around them, hinges on the people operating motor vehicles being attentive and able to properly exercise the responsibility they’re entrusted with when they receive their license.  Aplusb Software is dedicated to making all drivers as competent and secure behind the wheel as possible.

Drive safe.