Alcohol Goggles in 5 Different Strengths

Low Level Alcohol Goggle

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Impairment Goggles are being used in 84 different countries!

Each goggle includes a cloth carrying bag and an Instructor’s Guide.

Backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty. (Patent No. 6,206,521)

Simulating a country road in a rural setting, the mat is a great interactive activity to demonstrate the dangers of impaired driving and also distracted driving, specifically texting while driving.

The width of the road is 16 inches, thus the participant actually walks on the road, while steering a real steering wheel, and has to stay between the lines of the outer edge of the road, avoiding obstacles.

The first time the student drives the course, they are completely sober. Next time they text a friend while driving.

The third time, they wear an Impairment Goggle to get a feel for the dangers of impaired driving.

Each time, count the number of mistakes they make, and use a stop watch to time them and then use that opportunity to teach the students about delayed reaction times when they are distracted and/or impaired.

We offer 10 different goggles; each set of goggles are distinctive by a color of strap.

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