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Our selection of educational software and videos are an excellent supplementary tools for any driver education program!

Simuride PE – Professional Driving Simulator Software & Hardware
The virtual driving simulation tool to teach driving passenger and commercial vehicles.


Simuride HE – Home Car Driving Simulator Software
Learn the Road Rules & practice all the essential driving skills you need for the road with a realistic 3D driving simulator.


SimuRide FS – Forklift Simulator
At AplusB we have recently introduced our Forklift Simulator.

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Beginner Driver Education Curriculum for Driving Schools
Developed by a team of experts our curriculum is a balance of multimedia, lecture, group work, simulator and in-car practice designed to help students become the best drivers possible. AplusB offers the high quality driving instruction and dri [...]

Commercial Drivers License Manual

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Manual
Looking to study the CDL Test questions? Our CDL Commercial Driver’s License Manual 5th Edition, is educational software on USB stick designed for truck, bus, and forklift operators.


Road Rules – US & Canada Driving Test
Road Rules - US & Canada Driving Test includes information from all 50 United States & 13 Canada Provinces Official Driver's Handbooks (states and provinces may have different traffic laws). It is offered in 10 foreign languages (Engli [...]

Beginner Driver Education Curriculum CD

Beginner Driver Education Curriculum, Ontario, Canada
A modern, flexible approach to Beginner Driver Education.  

Rules of the Road

Rules of The Road – 2 DVDs
Rules of the Road is a two disc DVD set, that helps students learn how to become good, skilled and most importantly, safe drivers.