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With our selection of computer driving simulators, customers and driver education students can practice driving from a variety of safe, control environments. SimuRide Professional is a driving simulation designed for professional and commercial user in schools and by driving instructors. Available in small and full packages. SimuRide Professional Edition can be run on 1-4 monitors, for customizable, panoramic, simulated driving.

SimuRide Home Edition is our simulation software for home use; operating one monitor, and compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

Simuride PE – Professional Driving Simulator Software & Hardware
The virtual driving simulation tool to teach driving passenger and commercial vehicles.


Simuride HE – Home Car Driving Simulator Software
Learn the Road Rules & practice all the essential driving skills you need for the road with a realistic 3D driving simulator.


SimuRide FS – Forklift Simulator
At AplusB we have recently introduced our Forklift Simulator.

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Driving Simulator Reviews

Driver Evaluational Tool
Without any doubt, is vital for all drivers to be safe, for this reason AplusB has developed a professional driving simulator to help assessing beginner or experienced drivers performance. As in a medical routine check up, detecting potentiall [...]