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Without any doubt, is vital for all drivers to be safe, for this reason AplusB has developed a professional driving simulator to help assessing beginner or experienced drivers performance.

As in a medical routine check up, detecting potentially life-threatening health conditions is vital, similarly AplusB approach aims to help identifying the potential risks when driving a vehicle and which aspects of driving require more attention in order to be safe. This also help customers achieve higher standards for drivers and their training in order to comply with the government transportation agencies such as Department of transportation, Department of Motor Vehicles and others.

It is imperative to carry driving skills testing on each driver in order to measure their performance and their skills when dealing with potential dangers behind the wheel. Our Simuride Pro covers all the aspects of safety and replicates difficult maneuvers that would be difficult to practice on real life under difference virtual environments. At the end of each driving session, Simuride displays a detailed performance report that drivers and instructors can review.

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The list bellow will give you some insight into the different driving environments available with SimuRide PE:

  • Reaction time resulting from reduced field of vision or ability to stay between lines.


  • Gauge competency on uphill and downhill driving on slippery roads in bad weather.



  • Night driving and defensive driving reflexes, full stops at stop signs or speeding.


  • Ensure drivers make right decisions when distracted by busy highways or intersections.



Using our Simuride in driving schools or driving evaluation centers is very practical, since it does not need an instructor per student to supervise each driver mistake, our reporting tool is 100% efficient on detecting driver mistakes and they are recorded for future reference. Additionally, such reports can also be viewed or printed at any time to help drivers improve and master certain driving technique.Car Driving Simulator - 4 monitors setup

In addition to the needs of aspiring drivers for extensive exposure to various road conditions & environments, commercial drivers require an annual driving evaluation to maintain their company’s reputation, qualifying standards and avoid economic loss.

According to a study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic accidents in the U.S. cost $871 billion a year, of the total price tag, $277 billion was attributed to economic costs to companies.

AplusB driving evaluation tool can be an effective strategy to correct poor driving practices and prevent possible damages caused by accidents. AplusB SimuRide PE can flawlessly assist new driving aspirants or experienced drivers to learn through experience, without having catastrophic consequences.

The Driver Evaluational Tool uses special functions that we have build into the SimuRide Professional Edition simulator software.
For more information please go the simulator SimuRide PE page.

Experience a unique way of learning that will help you to learn faster, more efficiently, and maintain or exceed your driving skill standards. Please take a moment to study our website and we will be glad to answer your questions.


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