Seat Belt 2 Point

Seat Belt 2 Point Safety for the SimuRide Simulator Rig

It can be used with a SimuRide Rig or in any vehicle where needed.

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Our current simulator rigs have 2 holes predrilled in the seat support base for the purpose of mounting a real seat belt, in addition to the virtual seat belt offered in our simulator software.
Using a real seat belt teaches beginner drivers good habits buckling up a seat belt.
All rigs manufactured before 2020, don’t have predrilled holes; hence, 2 holes must be drilled in the simulator seat base, before the belt installation.
Easy to install and use with your simulator, adjustable length of webbing.
Ideal also for replacing an old or damaged seat belt in your car, truck, tractor, golf cart or ATV.
Includes 2 screws, washer and nut.




Width: 2” approximately

The shortest adjusted length: 35″

The longest adjusted length: 50″

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