Magnetic Student Driver Sign

magnetic driving student sign

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Drivers are more considerate to cars with “Student Driver” signs.

A recent survey showed that 99% of all drivers on the road would be more courteous to cars exhibiting a sign that indicated that the driver was a student.

If you’re looking for student driver signs or student driver magnets, you’ve come to the right place. These student driver signs are real magnets, not vinyl. The lettering is silk-screened onto the same professional grade magnets that are used to print magnetic advertising car signs.

Eliminate the stress of driving with your new driver.

Student driver magnets put both the teacher AND the student at ease.

With student driver signs, other vehicles behave more sensibly, reducing the likelihood of an accident.

Student driver magnets are easy to take on and off.

Unlike some solutions, these magnetic student driver signs won’t damage your car.

“Student Driver” signs are simple and direct to ensure instant recognition.

Student Driver Sign

The purpose of the “Student Driver” sign is to increase following distance and courtesy from nearby motorists. Our magnetic “Student Driver” signs are immediately recognizable and do not distract nearby motorists from the road.

Professional driving instructors use “Student Driver” signs because they work. It alleviates the frustration that other drivers may feel towards the actions of a new driver. These magnets will make your student feel more at ease while gaining experience.

When a student first receives their learner’s permit, it can be upsetting and distracting when other drivers become annoyed and beep their horns when the new driver hesitates at intersections or drives slowly.

With “Student Driver” signs on the car, other drivers recognize that there is a student driver operating the vehicle. Other drivers will become much more cautious and patient.

Student Driver Car

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