Driving Training Vehicle, Passenger Dual Brake

Driving Training Brake System include passenger seat brake pedal, driving training vehicle dual brake lever type and instructors brake cable type.
What makes this device stand out of other similar products –
  • Easy to install & turnaround time to install is just few minutes.
  • We don’t need to drill large holes anywhere to install this device – Simple & Cost effective.
  • No welding is required and most importantly, Installation of device will not damage to the vehicle body – Saves overall turnaround time.
  • No modification is required to change the original shape of the vehicle to adjust the device – Installation is as simple as keeping a book in shelf.
  • We don’t need any special aid tools neither a professional to install – No complicated procedure is involved.
Where can we use this training brake –
  • Cars / Vans / Minivan
  • SUV
  • Pick-up Truck
  • Any Vehicle – No restrictions.
Product Price:$270.00
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Shipping & Handling:
  • US Lower 48: $30.00
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Some of the important features –
  • Steel Stampings are welded together resulting in a firm, simple & practical structure which is easy and highly comfortable to use.
  • For additional structural stability and durability, device is equipped with self-drilling screws which are directly fixed on the floorboard.
  • Extremely comfortable and suitable for driving training instructor’s car use & accompanied driving.
  • Highly Flexible and suitable for all car models and there are no model wise restrictions.
  • Sudden surprises or any emergency situations, will have limited time to respond & this is crucial for safety. For enhanced security & Safety, Quicker foot to brake response time.
  • Presence of Clutch pedal is the highlight for this module and makes this device more efficient.
Technical Details –
Type: Brake Assembly
Material: Aluminum
Size: 1 Foot (310mm)
Car Make: All kind cars
Additional: Passenger seat dual brake for both, the RHD and LHD.
Universal auto dual brake for driving instructor on passenger side
This device is a One pedal brake which is highly suitable and comfortable on passenger side.
Some of the important features –
  • One pedal for brake and highly compatible to all kinds of vehicles.
  • Professional help is not needed for first time setup and the turnaround time to fix / setup this device will not take more than 10min.
  • To install this device, user don’t need to drill large holes or break the vehicle neither any internal adjustment in vehicle is needed.
  • There are two simple ways to install it, either user could make the cable across below the central console, or just on top of it.
  • Highly flexible and greatly works for both right hand driving and left-hand driving.
  • Technically, a very efficient system with a return spring to ensure quicker foot to brake response time. This will greatly help user with more safety to handle emergency situations.
Few take away points for buyers before purchasing this device & upon buying, buyer agrees to following –
  • Device installation needs to be taken care by buyer with the help of manual & While first time set-up is easy, AplusB will not offer any help in installation neither authorized service. 
  • Its basic responsibility of the instructor to check the test pedals and their functionality on a daily basis for optimum results. Doing so, will greatly help instructor to train the clients with safety.
  • Its highly advisable to keep the pedals clean and free of any objects that can impact stability of device on floor. Not doing so, will lead to limited functionality of device there by hitting the overall performance of device.
  • The main flavor of this device is to improve the efficiency, handling the emergency situations or proper handling to avoid collisions there by reducing the risk factor.
  • The main intent of this device is just to facilitate / help avoiding the collision however instructor or user cannot assume complete safety during its usage or its functionality. 
  • Referring to the above, AplusB Software is not responsible for any consequences because of incorrect installation of device, wrong usage, leading to risky situations like break fails, accidents or any other discomfort during driving.